SciRef citation manager

Manage your local pdfs
By using SciRef you can automatically download pdf-files from the supported services, link local files to citation record in SciRef, export pdf files from local storage to external drives or folders, automatically import RIS files with related pdfs, view pdf directly in SciRef window.
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Fast import from standart RIS files
By single click you can import information into SciRef database using a standard file of bibliographical information (RIS). These files are provided by famous scientific publishers as Elsevier, Springer and AIP. You can make it one-by-one ot import a group of files.
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Direct import from many web-services
SciRef can automatically download bibliographical data from following services: ScienceDirect
The list of supported services will be extended.
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Import of manuscript files from web or local files
SciRef can automatically download manuscripts using link provided in a RIS-file. Also you can import to the local library any files you have on you computer. Using of the local library provides the fastest access to the content of you manuscripts.
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Interaction wis MS Word
You can easly integrate SciRef with MS Word. Just load your document into MS Word! By one-clik you can insert citations into document; insert list of reference at any moment using fully adjustable citation style; convert MS Word Citation objects into text representation and any more
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Unlimited number of groups
You can create as many groups as you need, and a number of paper in a group is unlimited. Simply sort the order of references in you group as they mentioned in your manuscript. Drag and drop papers between groups, put the same paper in multiple groups and so on. It is easy!
Flexible mechanism of refernce formatting
You can set own templates to match a requirement of any publisher. Easy template editor with on-the-fly testing is provided.

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X-Ray Calc

User-friendly ribbon interface
New convenient interface improves you productivity
Unlimited number of models in one project
You can combine severeal models for one experimental curve using mechanism of folders
Easy manipulation with structure of a model
You can simply add, move or clone single layers or their groups and periods
Fast multicore calculation
Features of multicore CPUs are used to improve the performance of calculation both in s or sp-mode.