Data import

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Data import

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The first step that you should do is a filling of your own citation database. You can do it in the three different ways:

1.Manual input. Nothing special, just do it.

2.Automatic import from the file – you can use  a standard file for bibliographical exchange. These files have .ris or .enw extension. You can export data to these files from the other software or download them from the on-line databases as Science Direct of PubMed.

3.Automatic import from the databases – just input the link on your citation to the SciRef, and it will download full bibliographical description.


After filling of the database, you can organize it. A mechanism of Groups and robust search by any field in the database will help you.

Then you have you citations collected and organized, just insert them into your manuscript. In case of MS Word, just press one button, and SciRef will add a citation into the text at the following position of a cursor. After finishing the text, select the format of bibliography what you need. If you need your own format of the citations – you can easily modify any existing template of formatting or create у new one. By pressing of one button, you will receive a perfect bibliography list in you manuscript without any typing.


Besides citation management, you can simply organize you scientific library using SciRef.  You can add files from you PC or automatically download them from Web. You can use embedded PDF viewer to read content of the cited manuscript. Using SciRef, you will never lose any paper in your computer.