Quick start with a demo data

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Quick start with a demo data

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If you have demo data installed, you could faster learn main features of SciRef. If you didn't install the demo data, just relaunch SciRef installer, and check them:



Step 1. Importing data from *.ris files.  


Launch SciRef. Press Import from a file button on the main toolbar.



Come in to SciRef/RIS folder located in your documents folder



Select all *.ris files in that folder and press Open. The program will add new citations and related pdf files into you database.


Step 2. Viewing of pdf files


Open All citations tab in the main window.

Double click on Journals

Double click on a journal title

Click on a paper in the main list


You will see Description tab in the bottom part of the list of papers. Click on View PDF tab to switch on viewer tab. You will see the text of manuscript selected.


Tip: If you are using a wide monitor, you can place the pdf viewer on the right side of the workplace. Press Wide button on the main toolbar to toggle a mode between compact and wide.