Export of a citation

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Export of a citation

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To add a citation to you MS Word document, launch MS Word and open the document required. set the cursor to position in the text, where the citation should be appear. Switch back to the Sci Ref. Select citation which you need, and press Word button on the Export panel.


Citation will be added to the MS Word document as embedded object (The citation) and its' number will be inserted to text, like [1]. If you need to add several citations sequentially, check them and press the same button. The checked citations will appear in your manuscript as [1][2][3], i.e. all citations will be separated. Don't worry about, you can join them to [1,2] or [1-3] on the final stage using Convert to text option. Embedding of citations as MS Word objects allow you to forget about correcting of the reference numbers during text editing. Just move the reference into new position, and WS Word will rearrange all citations automatically. For example, if you have text


 bla bla bla [1] blaa bla [1] 


and then insert one more reference in the beginning, you will get


bla [1] bla bla [2] blaa bla [2]