Adding of new styles

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Adding of new styles

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To add a new citation style, click Manage styles button on the main toolbar:




New dialog window will appear. In this window you will see the list of all styles in you system.

To create a new style, press Add new style button and input the name of style (usually, name of a journal).

After this step, you shell define formats for different kind of references. Usually, you need at least two formats: for papers and books.



Select in the list the style that you have added on the previous step, and press Add Field button. New window Template composition will appear. Compose new template, use rules, select type of citation (for ex. Paper) and Save.

You can test the new template by clicking on Template test tab in that window.


Repeat this step for other type of citations (books, proceedings etc).


Template elements and rules described in details in the next topic.